Chromatone for iPad 1.2

Groundbreaking next-generation methods, "Muto music method."An instrument -"Chromatone" was created based on this method.Now, "Chromatone" is released in iPad app![MUTO Music Method (Chromatic system)] is our achievement through ouroriginal ...

Chromatone for iPad 1.2

Groundbreaking next-generation methods, "Muto music method."
An instrument -"Chromatone" was created based on this method.
Now, "Chromatone" is released in iPad app!

[MUTO Music Method (Chromatic system)] is our achievement through our
original research and development.

Many people have given up learning how to play piano, because of
difficulty with black keys, such as ?, ?and all the theories.
Essentially, music should be something that you can enjoy
light-heartedly when you feel sounds intuitively.

Anyhow, you must have an experience where you were increasingly
annoyed by the theoretical complexities, and gave up playing piano for
Chromatone allows you to go back to the essential of music as it
should be, and have fun at ease.
It is a keyboard intended for everyone who wants to get their feet wet
in the world of music.

Our secret is in "Muto music method (Chromatic system)", which was
uniquely developed by Chromatic Music Lab.
As for this method, you use music scores (Chromatic notations instead
of standard ones) in which ? and? are not included, and an
instrument-"Chromatone" with no distinction between black keys and
white keys.

For example, conventional pianos (diatonic scale) and music scores
function exclusively for C major, and "C" is fixed.
While, "Chromatone (chromatic sequences)" and " Chromatic notations"
function without constraints of keys, hence "C" is completely in

In the case of conventional pianos and standard scores, all the 12
keys need to be described differently making full use of black keys
with additional symbols such as ? or ?.
This causes gaps in keys such as "Easy key and difficult key", "Key
that you like and key that you don"t like" or "Key that you are good
at, and key that you are poor at".
Thus, this conventional method causes a variety of negative effects in
increasingly evolving contemporary music.
There are too many obstacles on our way to expressing music freely.

Meanwhile, this Muto music method(Chromatic system) using Chromatone
and Chromatic notations, allows you to handle 12 keys equally, by
eliminating symbols that are unnecessary to express music such as ?or
*, as well as distinction between black keys and white keys.
As a result, the amount of your practice can be reduced by 1/12 ,
compare to the practice using conventional method, as finger movements
and forms to perform codes and scales are same in 12 keys.
This means, you can learn how to play piano and its theory 12 times faster.
Now you can enjoy the freedom to express music without being bound to keys.

You can enjoy Chromatone with your iPad at ease anywhere.
Using this music instrument which allows you to create a brand new melody,
you can travel to the world of new music now!

128 sounds
Pitch Bend modulation sustainability
Octave transposition
Performance video replay function
Chromatic notation display function
Conventional keyboards display function
Pitches indication on/off function
Keyboards size variation
Performance recording function
Metronome function
Save settings function
Panel color variation
Positioning alteration function

# Notice
This product is not applicable for iPhone / iPod touch.

(C) tokyo yusyo inc
*The software synthesizer library from CRIMSON TECHNOLOGY, Inc. is
used for MIDI library.


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